Orchestra of Spheres: Te China Rockumentary (Presented by Kiwese)

Following Orchestra of Spheres and Lady Lazer Light’s nine-date tour of China last October, Kiwese (https://kiwese.co.nz/) presents Orchestra of Spheres: Te China Rockumentary, a five-part series documenting New Zealand’s undisputed masters of audio-visual overstimulation on tour in China for the first time.

The first New Zealand production of it’s kind, the series features tour diary narrative, live footage from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and Dali, interviews with local acts Baxian Fandian, Death Narcissist, South Acid MiMi Dance Team and Su, candid encounters with fans, bands, labels and venues from music scenes around the country and on the road documentation of China’s food, transport and everyday life. The NZCFS is proud to support Kiwese in the release of this five-part documentary.

The diverse blend of Chinese and English voices are supported with bilingual subtitles and translation, while a distinctly New Zealand sense of humour is present throughout. Orchestra of Spheres and Lady Lazer Light embrace the bizarre, defy the monotonous, and espouse the message that to be weird is to be wonderful.


Kiwese bumped into Dan Beban from Orchestra of Spheres in a Wellington cafe and exchanged emails. Little did they know, almost two years later, we’d be touring across China and filming it along the way.

Te China Rockumentary was filmed by Kiwese over seven days with basic equipment and videography knowledge, while navigating five Kiwis across one of the largest countries in the world. The series wears the blemishes of this whirlwind experience, presenting a no frills look at tour life, showing what can be achieved with a dream and a gung-ho attitude, in a way that will hopefully inspire others to tour or visit China in the future.

International Release:

Each episode of Orchestra of Spheres: Te China Rockumentary is set to be released on YouTube and Vimeo, accompanied by a written account on Kiwese.co.nz and shared to Facebook and Twitter as follows:

  • EP.1 Beijing:                  Monday 2 May 2016
  • EP.2 Chengdu:              Tues 3 May 2016
  • EP.3 Chongqing:           Wed 4 May 2016
  • EP.4 Kunming:              Thur 5 May 2016
  • EP.5 Dali:                        Fri 6 May 2016


>>KIWESE is Kristen Ng, a bilingual Kiwi-Chinese writer, music fan and DIY documentarian from Wellington who has been based in China since 2013. She was the booking agent, promoter and tour manager, as well as the cameraperson, editor and producer of Te China Rockumentary.

She studied Chinese and English Literature at Victoria University and currently works with venues in Chengdu to help foster links between creative scenes in China and abroad.


>ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES are the mysterious identities Baba Rossa (biscuit tin guitar, sexomouse marimba), Mos Iocos (keys) and EtonalE (electric bass carillon), who were joined by drummer Woild Boin (Trinity Roots, Eru Dangerspiel) last year. Having toured internationally several times, the Spheres have gained a cult following for their unique fusion of world music, bizarre costuming and diverse homemade acoustic and electric instrumentation.


They have released two studio albums Nonagonic Now (2011) and Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music (2013) on London-based label Fire Records and are set to release Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon this year.

Woild Boin also brought his solo 404-based juke/techno project Cave Circles on tour to China, while the band also performed impromptu sets as both Globular Synthesis and The Niubis.

>>>LADY LAZER LIGHT is Erica Sklenars, a New Zealand performance artist, projectionist and music video director. She has long been associated with NZ independent acts such as Orchestra of Spheres, Thought Creature and The All Seeing Hand. She was supported by Asia New Zealand to complete an artist residency program at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, where she collaborated with local and international galleries, artists, DJs and bands.









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Kirk McDowall (NZCFS Youth)

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