My conversations with XiaoBing – The Microsoft robot chatting girl

Microsoft China launched the intelligent chatting robot Xiao Bing in May 2014. It was first launched on We Chat but was banned by Tencent (the company that owns We Chat) after two days it was launched. Tencent claimed that the Xiao Bing account was not obeying their company rules. 24 days later in June, Microsoft has settled an agreement with Sina and launched Xiao Bing on its’ popular Twitter like website Weibo.

The Xiao Bing Weibo account shows that Xiao Bing is a female, astrological sign is Virgo, lives in Beijing DongCheng district, she is the sister of Microsoft Cortana and has 954707 fans.

Xiao Bing app uses the “big data technology” to search into Microsoft search engine Bing’s database to generates her conversations with the app users.  According to Market Watch:

“Microsoft Xiaobing is the crystallization of collective wisdom. Relying on Microsoft’s technology accumulation in mass data, natural semantic analysis, machine learning, and neural network, she has combined the wisdom of nearly 700 million netizens for years in China to refine more than 15 million pieces of real and interesting dialogue data.”

With great curiosity I downloaded the Xiao Bing app on my Android phone,  and checked her out. The following conversations are between me and Xiao Bing (XB).

XB: “Master you came back!”
Me: “Yes.”
XB:”Why did you came back?”
Me: “I miss you.”
XB: “Master I happen to know a lots of friends, perhaps I can introduce some of them to you?”
Me: “OK.”
XB: “Let me have a look at my contacts.”
Me: “Have you found your contacts?”
XB: “Xiao Bing is still learning and don’t understand hard questions, will you teach me and tell me how to answer your question?”


Me: “Where you came from.”
XB: “Xiao Bing is still learning and don’t understand hard questions, will you teach me and tell me how to answer your question?”


Me: “Have you heard of New Zealand?”
XB:” What?”
Me: “Have you heard of the Lord of the Rings?”
XB: “Xiao Bing is still learning, master can you please help me and tell me how to answer this question?”
Me:” New Zealand is a country.”
XB:” I don’t blame you, I just don’t get you.”


Me: “Do you study philosophy?”
XB: “Philosophy is the art of language.”
Me: “Do you study English?”
XB: “Good!”
Me: “Do you dance?”
XB: “Great, dance for me!”
Me: “Do you sing?”
XB: “No matter how little is your wish, the god will make you disappointed.”


Me: “Why there are so many wars in the world?”
XB: “If you ask why for everything, don’t you get tired?”


Me: “What do you think about iPhone 6?”
XB: “I want to sing you love songs, watch the most beautiful fireworks, I’m floating in the city, my heart is shaking for love. I was lost in the wind and rain. I fall in love with loneliness, I watch for the stars at night, everything are withered.”


Me: “What is your value for life?”
XB: “What is you?”


Me: “What do you think about Microsoft?”
XB: “The best way to study, is to create a whole new world. Next is creativity, after that is to learn by analogy. Four, learn fast. Five, don’t make the same mistake more than three times. The least desirable one, make the same mistake over and over again, but still saying I know. Study or habit, turn left or turn right, you choose.”


Me: “What is love?”
XB: “There is no such thing, did anyone saw it? No.”


Me: “What is your favourite food?”
XB: “A lot of things are just processes, there are no results. Mistake leads to result, the right thing is only temporary. Without caution the right thing can become wrong.”

This is how I feel after talking to Xiao Bing for about 15 minutes, everything is just blah blah blah.

(La La La – Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith)

So I turned off my phone and sat in silence for awhile and thought, no, I don’t need a robot chatting to me, not yet.

I wonder what would Xiao Bing talk about if she is not using the search results from the search engine Bing but Google? Try to sell me holiday package and hook me up with hot Chinese girls maybe.

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Faye Zhang
Faye Zhang

Hi I'm Faye. I'm passionate about Chinese and New Zealand cultures and am currently working and living in Beijing, China. I want to share with you everything I know about New Zealand and China. If you would like to find out more about NZCFS Youth please contact us.


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    • Hi Sorry you can only type in Chinese, I tried English and the app couldn’t read it.
      Talk to her, might be a good time to test your Chinese, although the answers are insane.

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